Justice | Equity | Diversity | Inclusion

About Us

We lead with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to provide creative and meaningful solutions to clients across the country. We facilitate difficult and necessary conversations about systems of oppression, including racism to help individuals and organizations understand the need for a systemic approach to create transformational change. We keep updated on the latest research and theory to help clients make data-informed decisions. We develop sustained and meaningful relationships with our clients to support their organization-specific needs.

Our History

In 2020, Kimberly A. Truong, Ph.D. founded XEM Consulting Services, LLC, (XEM) to continue to support organizations seeking to improve their organizational culture and climate. Dr. Truong has over 15 years of experience leading justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts in education, health, non-profits, and the public sector. Our areas of expertise include Critical Race Theory, racism, racial trauma, and improving access and supports for marginalized and minoritized populations.

Our Mission and Vision

XEM in Vietnamese means to observe, examine, read, consider, evaluate, and predict. The mission of XEM Consulting Services, LLC is to lead organizations to engage in transformational systemic change through close collaboration and a research-informed approach. Our collective work with individuals and organizations will change the world for the better. We partner with organizations committed to critical reflection and doing the necessary work to create systemic change.